Understanding The Algorithm Of India’s Largest Social Networking Platform


Building communities by putting effort and value into them will increase audience reach, engagement, and popularity. As a result, this aids businesses in connecting with their target market on social media and increasing sales.

One such medium, YouTube—the website with the highest organic traffic in the world—has become of utmost significance for influencer marketing objectives.

YouTube is the largest platform for social media influencers in India. It’s likely that whenever we want to learn anything new, we wind up on YouTube. The uploaded videos are educational and popular learning tools due to their audio-visual appeal.

Due to the increase in the consumption of video content, there has been a rise in the number of YouTube influencers. With the help of their content, they are able to reach a large number of people. Prior to making a purchase, the opinions of the influencers are considered. They have a significant degree of influence over their followers.

Over the years, YouTube’s algorithm has altered to favour viewer satisfaction over the overall number of clicks and views. The idea that one algorithm ranks all of the material on YouTube is a common misconception among marketers.

Let’s read on to know how exactly the YouTube Algorithm works:

What is the YouTube Algorithm?


The real algorithm behind Youtube is that it works on the feedback or the preference of the viewer. It will recommend the content as per the interest of the viewer on the basis of the previously watched or liked videos.

The videos that are recommended to certain users are chosen by the YouTube algorithm. Additionally, the algorithm aids in distributing videos across the network so users may view and click on the content.

As a result, the videos that are displayed on your home page differ from that in other people’s feeds. This is the magic of the YouTube algorithm.

The algorithm follows two basic principles:

  1. Find the right video for each viewer
  2. Get viewers to keep watching

How does the YouTube Algorithm work?


The YouTube algorithm chooses videos for users with the intention of finding the most relevant content for them and keeping them engaged. On the platform, YouTube videos may be found in six distinct places.

In order to fulfill the interests of the user as best as possible, YouTube employs a well-defined AI-based system that determines how videos will show at these 6 sites:

  1. Search Results: The relevancy of your video to the user’s search and the keywords you use in the video title and description are the main factors that influence how your video appears in search results on YouTube.

Naturally, YouTube wants to make sure that the keyword or keyword variations that the user searched for are included in the title and/or description of your video when displaying these results.

  1. Recommended Streams: The history of the viewer is the primary subject of the algorithm’s recommended videos. YouTube chooses videos that are specifically intended to satisfy viewers based on the below:
  • History of the type of videos watched
  • Music preference
  • Vlog preference
  • Frequently watched channel videos
  1. Notifications: When a new video is published on YouTube, notifications are sent via email or push notifications to mobile devices. They typically increase early traffic to your newly posted films, but they don’t always account for the majority of traffic over time. The options available to your viewers are to get no alerts from your channel, some notifications, or all notifications.
  1. Channel Subscriptions: By accessing the subscriptions page, viewers may watch all the recently published videos from every channel they have subscribed to. Highlighted videos and a rundown of all recent uploads are also included in this stream.
  1. Trending Streams: A collection of the most recent and well-liked YouTube videos in a viewer’s country can be found in their Trending feed. Some trends in the trending stream are anticipated, like a new song from a well-known musician or a new movie trailer, while some are totally unexpected.
  1. YouTube Home Page: Results from your home page are those that show up when you first sign in to your YouTube account. Each viewer at this location will receive the most pertinent and individualized suggestions from YouTube. It’s a great way for those who aren’t subscribers to find the channels and videos.

After understanding the technicality of how the YouTube Algorithm works, let’s take a look at the top Youtubers in India as of July 2022:

  1. CarryMinati: Also known as Ajey Nagar has 31.5 million subscribers on YouTube and has three channels. Carry is known for his humorous skits and his reaction to various topics.
  2. Amit Bhadana: This YouTuber makes people laugh with his videos. He has 23.9 million subscribers. Some of his uploaded videos have crossed a million views.
  3. Ashish Chanchalani: Famous for his vines, Ashish started uploading funny videos on other social media influencer platforms before launching his own YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines. His subscriber base is over 27 million subscribers.
  4. Bhuvan Bam: With over 25 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan Bam has many firsts to his name. He was the first Indian individual YouTube content creator to cross 10 million subscribers in 2018.
  5. Gaurav Chaudhary: He is based out of UAE and launched his YouTube “Technical Guruji” to educate his 22milion YouTube subscribers about all things technology. The reason behind his channel’s immense popularity is that Gaurav metes out advice and product reviews without too much technical jargon.
  6. Sandeep Maheshwari: This inspirational YouTube influencer leaves a lesson for all of his viewers and followers and has over 22.3 million subscribers.


Over the years, YouTube’s algorithm has undergone numerous changes, leaving companies and creators wondering why their old strategies are no longer effective.

But even when the YouTube algorithm changes, remember that the platform’s aim is still to increase the number of viewers and interactions with YouTube videos.