Want To Know More About Zoom Fatigue


People need work, for this is the way where they can make an income and spend the money for the expenses they need and want. Most Filipinos are determined and committed when it comes to their work; they often wake up early in the morning so they can commute easily and arrive early at their workplace.

But working extravagantly is also tiring, especially if the work is onsite where employees often feel exhausted after they finish their shifts on a daily basis. Not to mention that some workers have a long way in their home, so it will be extra tiring due to the long trip.

That is why various businesses currently hire additional employees to work at home, including virtual assistants in the Philippines or freelancing, so the firm’s workforce will be added. But even with this kind of setup, they feel over-exhausted, which is called “Zoom Fatigue.”

About Zoom Fatigue

Zoom fatigue is the effect of tiredness or burnout from overusing virtual platforms of communication. Employees on a work-from-home setup are required to have any virtual platform they can use, for this is how they can communicate with their colleagues and client and set up virtual meetings.

Some remote workers prefer a home-based work setup because they think it is less hassle and an easy way to do it, but sooner or later, they will find out that talking continuously on video calls is quite draining and exhausting. For this, they will struggle with Zoom Fatigue.


Causes of Zoom Fatigue

Imagine doing virtual meetings always during your eight-hour shift, it could be exhausting, and you can easily get burnout because of the same routine you always do. Below are some of the causes of Zoom Fatigue.

  • Too much eye contact
  • Virtually looking at the mirror all-day
  • Less Freedom of Movement

If you want to know more about Zoom Fatigue, you can check the infographic by Ova Virtual, one of the VA companies in the Philippines.

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