Why are sisal rugs popular?


The decoration on the floor is not as easy as it looks. The appearance of the floor can enhance or ruin the charm of the home. When it comes to giving beauty to the floor, sisal rugs are well-known all over the world. There has been an increase in the demand for the sisal rugs. As more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of sisal rugs, their demand is increasing. Many people consider sisal rugs for their new homes as they are available in many new styles. Whether you are renovating your home or looking for rugs for the new home, you can go with sisal carpets.

 The sisal rugs are manufactured from the sisal plant. The name of the plant is Agave Sisalana. One sisal plant produces almost 250 usable leaves in its lifespan. The life of the sisal plants is about 12 years. The sisal rugs are very easy to purchase. First of all their prices are reasonable. If you have a decent budget then you can buy a good quality sisal rug. Second, you can purchase them without any struggle. You can buy them online or you can personally visit the stores.

Reasons of Popularity

Besides the above reasons, there are many benefits to the popularity of the sisal rugs which are as follows.

  • Easy to care

If you want to buy a rug for the kid’s room then you can buy sisal carpets. You can install this rug within the rooms of kids to provide them with the soft area to play. If you’ve got kids and pets in your home then these rugs are going to be special for you. They’re easy to wash because the dust particles don’t cling in them. Just keep these rugs faraway from the water. Use a vacuum to clean them. Manufacturers of natural-fibers sisal recommend only dry cleaning.

  • Long-lasting

Everyone tries to purchase a durable rug. Especially if you are going to purchase the rug for the hallway or high traffic area then you should be assured that the rug has a long life. The rug having a short life can not be an ideal choice for the heavy footfall area. Another great reason for the popularity of the sisal rugs is that they are long-lasting. You don’t need to put an additional burden on your pockets to buy them. They are long-running rugs and can cover your floor for a long time. Because of their strength and toughness, individuals like to go with sisal rugs for their busy foot space.

  • Attractive Rugs

If you have a desire to install sisal rugs on the floor then you are going to become more excited by listening that they are enriched with a lot of styles, designs, patterns and colors. All styles and designs are different from each other and that is what makes these rugs unique. You can place sisal rugs in the different parts of the home with different patterns and colors. They look lovable under the feasting table, seats and other delightful marks. So whether you need to introduce them in the kitchen, family room or on steps, you don’t need to stress over their appearance.

  • Soft and Comfortable

Besides giving attraction to the home the rug must be soft and cozy. Softness is another reason for the popularity of the sisal rugs. The sisal rug is a functional rug because at one time it enhances the charm of the home and at the same time it covers a comfortable area underfoot to walk and sit. The sisal rugs are softer and less expensive than many other man made fiber rugs.

  • Non-Allergic

There are many people in the world who are suffering from allergies or asthma. If you or any family member has an allergy or asthma but still you want to place a rug in your space then the sisal rug is a perfect solution for this problem. As they are made up of natural fiber they do not attract dust. If you will do a regular vacuuming once in a week. The rug will be free from dust particles.

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