A Perfect Connection


The cables and wires that connect endpoints in military and defense settings must be durable to handle the wear and tear of constant use. Choosing the correct cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer can make all the difference.

They will provide superior performance that standard products from a store will not. They will be the exact length needed to minimize weight, and they will have the best connectors for the conditions and specifications you need.


Purchasing off-the-shelf cables might seem like the most economical solution at first, but a military cable assembly that’s custom-made to your specifications is more cost-effective. This is because you are paying for only what you need and avoiding wasting money on parts that will not work for your specific application.

Military equipment requires precision and durability. This means it needs a robust cable to handle everything from extreme heat and humidity to moisture and salt water. Electronic contract manufacturers specializing in military cable assemblies can engineer special design features to ensure your wire harnesses and cables meet the highest standards.

The proper cable assembly manufacturer can even help you choose the best material to withstand environmental factors, such as corrosion or freezing temperatures. They can also obtain UL recognition, showing that the part has passed specific general safety testing and is suitable for your application. This makes showing supply chain transparency to your customers easier and improves trust.


Whether it is communications equipment that keeps troops connected or encryption systems that protect sensitive data, military electronics need precise control and reliable power. These components are vital for the operation of all branches of the Department of Defense, and they need to withstand extreme abrasion, vibration, and environmental conditions like high temperatures and moisture.

MIL-SPEC cable assemblies offer superior durability in these applications. They are designed to withstand severe abrasion, corrosion, and flame and heat exposure. They also feature unique design elements to reduce the risk of EMI and RFI, which can interfere with electrical signals and damage sensitive components.

These cables and wires are also available in various lengths, connector types, and materials to meet specific application requirements. Secondary services are also offered, including machining, assembly, packaging, and inventory management. UL recognized, ITAR registered meets ANSI and ISO 9100 Rev C standards, and offers JIT delivery.


The wires within a custom military cable assembly are bound together, spliced, and soldered in place. This creates a more compact endpoint that is easy to work with and less likely to fail due to improper setup. This is especially valuable in situations where a single failure can be disastrous.

In addition, custom cable assemblies are often made with specific materials designed for the environment in which they will be used. This protects against environmental factors like abrasion, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure that can damage standard cables.

The final benefit of a custom military cable assembly is that it will eliminate waste caused by using the wrong lengths of standard cable. This helps keep your workspace neat and organized and makes it easier to find the correct wire for the job at hand. This saves time and money by avoiding costly rework or additional purchases.


If your intended application is exposed to frequent motions or vibrations, it is a good idea to consider getting MIL-SPEC connectors and cables. These are designed to handle these conditions and offer outstanding electrical characteristics that reduce power loss.

They can also help to shield against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), which can cause unwanted disturbances in the circuit. They have unique design features like aluminized Mylar that can block electromagnetic radiation from reaching sensitive electronic components.

They can be customized to meet specific requirements, as well. This includes determining the length of the military cable assembly, its wire quality and connector specifications, tolerances, color coding, and more. They can even be clipped or shrunk to keep them tidy and have logos, serial numbers, or other information added to them. A contract manufacturer offering these services has the right tools, documentation, and version control processes to ensure you get the correct configuration for your project.