Beginners’ Guide | Sword Master Story Tips & Tricks 2023


Sword Master Story is a popular mobile game developed by Super Planet, a Korean studio that has produced various types of mobile games since 2016. In Sword Master Story, players assume the role of Cain, an ordinary student who is transported to another world by accident and becomes a Sword Master who battles against evil forces. This action-packed role-playing game features a variety of heroes, each with different classes, types, and abilities, and there are many ways to level up your heroes and gain resources to progress through the game.

An Overview of Heroes in Sword Master Story

Heroes play a significant role in Sword Master Story, and there are various classes and types of heroes to choose from. The four classes of heroes include Warriors, Healers, Archers, and Mages, while the types of heroes include Leaf (Green), Water (Blue), Fire (Red), Light (Yellow), and Dark (Purple). These factors impact the gameplay and the damage inflicted upon enemies. Obtaining new heroes is achieved through summoning or earning rewards from completing campaigns, quests, and events. The primary means of acquiring new heroes is through summoning.

There are three types of hero summoning in Sword Master Story: Ruby Summon, 4-Star Summon, and 5-Star Summon. Ruby summoning is considered to be the easiest option. Players can obtain Rubies, one of the main currencies in the game, to purchase new heroes.

How to Level Up Your Heroes

There are three different ways to upgrade heroes in Sword Master Story: leveling up, equipping gear, and upgrading skills. Leveling up heroes is the primary means of upgrading, and equipping gear can enhance their abilities. Players can collect equipment shards to upgrade their heroes’ equipment, and the number of shards required to upgrade equipment increases as the rarity and star level of the equipment increases. Players can level up their team’s skills to make their heroes stronger.

How to Obtain Resources and Currencies

In Sword Master Story, there are three main currencies: Gold, Rubies, and Stamina. Gold is used for hero stat upgrades, Rubies are used for summoning, and Stamina is used for fighting and progressing in the game. Players can obtain stamina through battles and quests, gold through battles, quests, and achievement rewards, and Rubies are harder to obtain compared to the other two currencies. Joining a guild can also help players obtain additional resources, and participating in raids, battles, and PvP fights can yield rewards.

How to Download and Play Sword Master Story on Redfinger

To download and play Sword Master Story on Redfinger, follow these steps:

》Search for Redfinger on Google Play and download the app or visit the official website and use the app via your browser.

》Complete the sign-in steps to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone.

》Search for Sword Master Story in the search bar in the Redfinger APP Store.

》Download and install the game on Redfinger.

》Run the game and enjoy playing.

In conclusion, Sword Master Story is an exciting and engaging mobile game with many heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and strengths. By leveling up heroes, equipping gear, and upgrading skills, players can progress through the game and obtain resources to continue the adventure. Joining a guild and participating in raids and battles can also help players obtain extra resources. With the help of Redfinger, players can easily download and enjoy Sword Master Story on their mobile devices.