The top 5 India’s Highest wicket grossers in Test against Australia


India and Australia have always been a powerhouse in the arena of international cricket. Whenever they play across each other, those encounters have always been memorable in the history of cricket. Both have played many exciting matches against each other and India has some of the best bowlers in the world, who have performed exceptionally well against Australia. In this article, we may look into these legends of the game for their exceptional performance against Australia who has taken the most wickets in Test matches against Australia. These bowlers have been instrumental in giving India some of its greatest Test victories against Australia They have been true representatives of the Indian cricket team and have made the nation proud and were covered in Indian cricket team news today.

Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble is a legendary spinner of India, who had taken exceptional performances on the pitch. His record for grossing the highest number of wickets has not been broken to date, by anyone in the world. He has grossed over 600 wickets in his whole test career and among them, 111 wickets were only against Australia. This makes him the highest wicket-grosser against Australia in Test Cricket. Kumble is the only Indian bowler to be rated as the second player to pick 10 wickets just in a single inning. His ability to play in a longer format makes him a legendary player in cricket history. Kumble is from the state of Karnataka and had a career span of almost two decades in cricket. This legendary player has played around 132 tests in cricket and grossed into the bag around 620 wickets in the tests. In these wickets, there are 35 5-wicket hauls scored in an inning and eight 10-wicket hauls.

 In the test match against Australia, Kumble has a record for the highest wicket gross against a team, where he took around 111 wickets with an average of 30.32 in an inning. His best performance is considered to be India’s tour of Australia in the year 2003 at Sydney Cricket ground. When Sachin Tendulkar had set a high score of 741 runs for 7 wickets in the first innings, then it was Kumble who defended Australia in the second innings. He smashed Steve Waugh of Australia in just 474/10  and then scalped the figure of 8/141 in that four-match series.

Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the current Indian set of active players in cricket and the only player who got a chance to gross the most wickets against Australia. His performances had always been a lifesaver for the Indian team in the field and are considered to be the top-order player of the Indian Team. He is the second-highest grosser against Australia. Ashwin has grossed over 77 wickets from 15 matches with an average above 31.2. His best score is said to be against Australia in the home series held at Chidambaram Stadium in Tamil Nadu where he scored about 7/103 runs overall.

                Ashwin is an off-spinner and his best performances are said to have been during the 2018-19 tour held at Adelaide, where he grabbed the score of 3/92 and 3/57 in the first and second innings.  He is always a consistent player in the Indian cricket team and emulates his game throughout the future matches

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh, known as the Turbantor, is the third-highest wicket grosser from the Indian bowlers who had made a huge impact against Australia. He had grossed over 95 wickets just in 18 tests. Harbhajan specialized in the off-spin which is sharp and also generates a turn from the pitch. His performances were best most in the home series than in the away series where 86 out of the 95 wickets he grabbed were from the home match.

Singh gained the Border-Gavaskar Trophy for the performance against Australia in 2001 held at Chidambaram Stadium in Tamil Nadu where he grabbed 32 wickets just in 3 matches and held the score of 15/217 in two innings. His jaw-dropping performance is said to be in the 2001 test series when the Mathew Hayden of Australia had a double century in the first innings but defeated them by just two wickets. Also, he took a hat trick in the second test series played in Kolkata where India had a victory again.

Kapil dev

 Kapil Dev, the former hero of Indian Cricket who brought the first World cup in 1983 is always a unique icon for cricket. He was the greatest all-rounder ever to serve the Indian National Cricket team.  Kapil is a player from Haryana, who is probably called the Hurricane of Haryana. He was part of almost 130 test matches and grabbed around 434 wickets all rounded. He has caught almost 80 wickets only against the Australians from 20 test matches and with an average of 25.35. in the tour of 1985, he defended Captain Allan Border, with a score of 381  in just one inning and the match turned out to be a draw. He acquired a figure of 8 /106 on that test. However, it is considered the best performance of his career.

Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan is one of the most decent bowlers on the Indian National Cricket team. He is a left-arm pacer and renowned for his ability to reverse swing. He is known as a pioneer in the hiding the ball. He is a key player for the Indian side in the field till the present day. He has over 300 wickets picked from the matches in his whole test career. When bowling Zaheer has a terrifying image to the batsman to bat because his bowling is such scary to them.

Zaheer has plucked a total of 61 wickets from almost 19 test matches played against Australia in the period from 2001 to 2012. His performances are remarkable in every match and his most famous performance of his was in 2008 at a test match held in Bangalore. He has torn off the top-order legends of the Australian batting side such as Mathew Hayden, Mike Hussey, Michael Clarke, Mitchell Johnson, etc with a score of 5/91 in a single inning. But unfortunately, the match ended in a draw.

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