Time Midas Rolex Boutique Is The Place To Have Your Watch Right Away


Our Bangkok, Thailand Rolex store is a certified Rolex dealer, selling only authentic Rolex watches.

Here at “Time Midas Rolex Boutique,” we have a global team of certified Rolex watch repair specialists at your disposal. We adhere to Rolex’s Service Procedure, which was developed to guarantee that every watch shipped from a Rolex service center is in perfect working order and meets the brand’s high design standards. The finer elements are where Rolex shines. That’s why only authorized Rolex dealers can sell and service your Time Midas Rolex Siam Paragon.

Go Out And Buy A Rolex Right Now.

Only authorized Rolex retailers are permitted to sell new and authentic Rolex watches. They’ll guarantee that your Rolex is genuine and protected by a worldwide guarantee for five years.

The Magic Of A Rolex

At Rolex, we take great pride in our work, and the best way to appreciate its precision, comfort, and elegance is to wear one.

To assist you in making a decision that will last a lifetime, only Official Rolex Retailers have the training, experience, and knowledge to explain the differences between each model, explain how each Rolex watch works, and answer any questions you may have.

Giving Symbol

Each Rolex arrives in a luxurious presentation box that serves as a haven for the priceless timepiece. If you’re buying a Rolex as a gift, we want to ensure that the recipient is impressed by the presentation box before they even open the watch.

Unmatched Quality Standards

The history of Rolex is a narrative of unwavering commitment to quality. All aspects of the watch, from the mechanism to the case and bracelet, and the after-sale service, must be of the highest standard—Rolex’s philosophy results in unrivaled quality controls. An unbroken principle, client satisfaction, is the driving force behind this maniacal focus on quality. Customers’ needs are Rolex’s top priority in whatever they do.

Time To Set Your Wristwatch!

Official Rolex Retailers are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to customize the bracelet or strap of your watch to your exact wrist size. They can adjust the number of links in your metal bracelet and store any extras in its display case.

Your Official Rolex Retailer will make sure your watch is ready to go before you leave with it. They will ensure the watch is fully wound, set the time, date, and day, examine the dial, and check the crown’s tightness.

International Guarantee For Five Years

Each Rolex watch goes through an exhaustive battery of testing after construction to guarantee its accuracy and durability.