Addressing Your Double Eyelid Related Problems Effectively


Do you have double eyelids? You might often wonder How to Correct Ophthalmoplegia (แก้ไข กล้าม เนื้อ ตา อ่อน แรง, which is the term in Thai). Double eyelids are referred to as Asian eyes with a distinct top eyelid crease above the lashes and a visible eyelid platform. The eyelids differ greatly from one another, and not all of them have a double fold. The fold is made by a wrinkle at the apex of the platform supporting the eyelids. The upper eyelid tendon and the skin of the eyelid are attached at this point by a crease.

It is usually thought that both men and women should strive for a double fold since it adds definition to the upper eyelid. For ladies, the well-defined platform also offers a secure space to put on makeup and further adorn the eyes.

What If You Have Small Eyes?

The amount of the white portion of the eye, or sclera that can be seen is typically used to gauge the size of an eye. If your eyes seem tiny, you may have deep-set eyes or upper eyelid ptosis, which causes “droopy” lids. Your condition will determine the surgical strategy. By enhancing definition and organically enclosing the eye with attractive curves, double eyelid surgery frequently makes the eyes look bigger.

The ideal strategy is always adaptable, based on a thorough physical evaluation and consideration of all available choices. Small eyes require unique surgical techniques that must constantly be tailored to the patient’s needs.

What About The Rest Of Asian Eyelid Worries?

It is best to address additional concerns, such as asymmetry or a worn-out appearance, on a case-by-case basis. All cosmetic reconstructive eyelid procedures must be customized and adjusted for your particular eyelid’s qualities.

This is why, it is recommended to locate a physician who specializes in eyelid therapy and who has assisted patients with significantly different eyelids in achieving the greatest outcomes. Other than double eyelid surgery, there are undoubtedly other treatments that could be suitable for you. A specialist who is familiar with the anatomy and variances of Asian eyes might be of assistance.

Beginning The Process

Schedule a consultation instead of attempting to go through all the material and disinformation on the internet now that you are better informed about Asian and double eyelid surgery. Remember that consultation doesn’t compel you to proceed with any operation and is a great way for you to get specific information from a qualified expert.