Do Cannabis Make You Addicted


Cannabis belongs to the specific plant species referred to as mind-altering substances. This greenish-grey mixture includes cannabis, pot, Mary Jane and Weed.

Generally, people smoke marijuana in different processes, such as in hand-rolled joints, with pipes and bongs. The dried mixture can also be consumed with tea or foods like gummies, cookies and brownies.

Cannabis has so many health benefits for people. But sometimes, too much of it can make people addicted. To learn more about cannabis addiction, you can visit the cannabis shop Sukhumvit and read the article till its end:

Addiction From Cannabis

The NIDA states that only 30{f43507bee525e2c9e10cd0b24d717ee029b9d4b91539fd730123378ef8138e58} of marijuana users may have marijuana disorder. So, it can be estimated that only 10-30{f43507bee525e2c9e10cd0b24d717ee029b9d4b91539fd730123378ef8138e58} of people may feel a sensation of dependency, while 9{f43507bee525e2c9e10cd0b24d717ee029b9d4b91539fd730123378ef8138e58} only can develop addiction.

Dependency means making the brain gets used to taking cannabis in the body and reducing the endocannabinoid receptor. Sometimes, people may feel irritated, mood swings, sleeping issues, lack of appetite, etc.

How You Will Know That You Are Addicted

As per cannabis shop Sukhumvit, some signs tell a person might be addicted to cannabis are:

Craving For Cannabis

The primary sign of cannabis disorder is the intense craving for using marijuana. Sometimes, the urges may get so strong that they try to forget other commitments, such as going to school and work and using marijuana all the time.

Loss Of Interest

Too much cannabis may distract people from social life, and they cut back from the activities that once brought joy to their life. In that case, the addicted people may forget to drive in activities, pursue goals, etc.

The Withdrawal Symptoms Of Cannabis

If someone experiences withdrawal symptoms from stopping the drug, it will be known as marijuana dependence. However, the withdrawal symptoms may start as mild and increase within the first week. The withdrawal symptoms may last up to two weeks, and the symptoms are:

  • Irritability In Everything
  • Not Having Enough Sleep Or Insomnia
  • Lack Of Appetite


Cannabis is an addictive drug, but they also come with specific positive outcomes in the body. Before taking it, consult a doctor and visit the cannabis shop Sukhumvit to learn about the recommended dose. If you take too much of the recommended dose, you can feel severe issues like addiction. So, guidance from a physician is a must for taking cannabis.