Competitive Intelligence; Why NetBase Quid is the Solution


In every company setting, we all want to stay ahead of our competitors and the game as a whole. However, not all organizations are familiar with what it takes for a brand to maintain a top spot in the market. One secret to always staying ahead is competitive intelligence.

NetBase Quid is an example of a tool that most successful brands use to keep up with the current market trends. This article aims at showing you the importance of CI tools to improve your productivity. In another section, we will also focus on similar systems that firms worldwide embrace to improve their daily productivity.

Netbase Quid Defined

NetBase Quid is an effective and comprehensive media coverage and trend analysis tool responsible for all CI functions in a firm. It empowers a business to make more informed decisions concerning the running of the firm and its investments. In simple terms, it handles data collecting, analysis, and short notes on the way forward.

How Does It Work?

The functionality and user-friendly interface are what secure its spot among the best CI tools in the market. This platform brings together thousands of pieces of data to one system and corresponds to your operation field. By using it, you have access to answers to questions most businesses find hard.

What Solutions Does It Offer?

First, this CI tool gives one the ability to identify the most current and selling tools related to their consumers and the general market. By gaining this insight, they can adjust their policies towards exploiting these trends to the maximum. Its ability to scrap over billions of businesses in a short time makes the entire process simpler and less time-consuming.

Using it as a competitive intelligence tool, you get a clearer vision and understanding of any concerned party. In our scenario, these parties include competitors, consumers, and the industry as a whole. This knowledge will guide you in making moves that will expand your business on a deeper level.

For some, the CI tool can act as a means of identifying new investment opportunities and services. NetBase Quid can help evaluate each opening’s strengths and liabilities when it comes to return on investments. With the findings, you can decide on which projects to drop and which to appraise. A company embracing this tool will always remain ahead of its competitors.

Other CI Tools Global Firms Embrace

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that gives one insight into how many times a keyword has been searched via the Google search engine. Unlike most tools, this one does not involve monthly charges as all of the services offered are free. Its most significant selling factor is that most of the world’s population uses its search engines, giving you a comprehensive outreach.

If you require a tool that will give you a comprehensive analysis of the market’s reaction, this is your best bet.


Spyfu is another tool you can rely on when it comes to competitive intelligence collection and analysis. It digests extensive competitive data and translates it into one easy-to-use platform. A single search will tell you where it is in google, keywords purchased, and organic and paid rankings on your query. This tool is for those that seek a personalized and straightforward outlay.

Competitive intelligence is what you need for your business to regain its edge in the market. Lucky for you, dozens of tools are at your disposal. Compared to other systems, NetBase Quid is by far the best. Try out any CI tool out; your competitors are already doing it.