Endoscopic Surgery For Ruptured Shoulder Ligament


Endoscopic surgery to repair the shoulder ligament, also called shoulder arthroscopy, is a surgery in which a tiny camera is used to investigate the joints and ligaments and do the necessary treatment through small incisions (cuts). There are many conditions due to which you need to undergo such surgery. Here in this article, we will be covering all the concerns such as who needs the surgery, shoulder ligament surgery price (ผ่าตัด เอ็น หัวไหล่ ราคา, which means the term in Thai) and the chances of recovery.

All You Need To Know About Shoulder Ligament Surgery

·      What Is Endoscopic Surgery?

In this procedure, the surgeon inserts a mini camera (arthroscope) connected to a monitor screen where they investigate the wounds. Then, additional incisions are made to insert the surgical instruments required. The best part is that since small incisions are made instead of open cuts, the wounds are really small and recover faster, and there is not much extra cost in recovery remedies.

·        Who Has To Undergo Endoscopic Surgery For The Shoulder?

This surgery is done to cure patients with ruptured shoulder ligaments mostly. This surgical procedure can treat conditions like a tear in the rotator cuff, shoulder dislocation, sprain, and loose or injured cartilage.

·      Cost Of Surgery

In Thailand, shoulder ligament endoscopic surgery costs around 2, 00,000 to 3, 00,000 baht in most renowned hospitals. Although the prices may vary for foreign patients, if you are not a Thai national, you should inquire beforehand.

·      Recovery

Since endoscopy or arthroscopy is a minor surgery, the recovery rates are generally fast. The external wounds caused due to the incisions get healed within a few days, and the internally treated ligaments restore their healthy condition faster than open surgery. Consider having an endoscopic surgery over an open one if your medical provider gives you options.

The success rate of this procedure is also quite high; there are merely any risks provided your surgeon is well versed in this.


Endoscopic surgery is an easy-to-perform and quick healing procedure that is performed in many conditions. One of the most common conditions is a ruptured shoulder ligament. In this article, we have talked about the details of the procedures followed while performing this surgery. Instead of making bugs, or open cuts, a couple of tiny incisions are made to insert a mini camera (arthroscope) and other required tools for the surgery. The estimated cost of surgery in Thailand for locals is also discussed above. Foreign patients can enquire about the costs through the helpline or the websites of hospitals.