You should look into whether the company has enough liability and property insurance coverage


Look into the professional associations they’re a member of and their previous work history. Prom limo services in Toronto should be linked to the great majority of high-quality Toronto Limousine rentals in your area’s prom scene. Make sure to ask about the driver’s expected gratuity.

Limousine Layout and Construction Specifications

You may choose from a variety of options depending on how many passengers and how large an audience you expect. The following list of limousine sizes and kinds is presented to give you a better idea of the options available:

You may want to consider renting a Cadillac for a small group of individuals, or a Lincoln Town Car for larger groups.

Parties of between 10 and 24 guests should use our super stretch limos.

It’s likely that a limousine bus or coach will be required to transport between 14 and 28 people. Passenger vans and party buses are two more options for large groups when it comes to transportation.

A number of software enhancements

Party limos, like any other kind of vehicle, may be equipped with additional features to enhance your trip experience. A number of limousine services for proms provide a list of often requested amenities as an option for an additional fee.

Professional chauffeur with extensive industry knowledge and expertise

  • Electronic gadgets include, but are not limited to, televisions, DVD players, and audio systems.
  • Passengers have access to a privacy glass to keep their belongings safe.
  • Mobile phone-lit pub with a wide variety of entertainment options (limited for prom)
  • The leather seats provide a substantial amount of padding.
  • The addition of a jacuzzi or hot tub is a common courtesy.

Alcohol and Limousines are a Natural Fit

A low-cost limo service to the prom will be prohibited if the students decide to indulge in underage drinking. They will also be prohibited from driving themselves there. As a result, drivers are less likely to be pulled over, involved in an accident, or both while behind the wheel. Most limousine rental firms are either scared of losing their business licences or have already done so as a direct consequence of clients who tried to sneak alcohol or other illicit drugs into the vehicle while it was being used for prom, or who have actually succeeded in doing so. Prom limos will be scrutinised for the entirety of the night, so be prepared.

Hire a prom limo from a well-known, dependable company in your neighbourhood.

In recent years, the prom has evolved from a date between two people to more of a social event. To ensure you arrive and leave at the same time, plan to meet at a friend’s home. If you’re attending a group event, you’ll be spending the whole night with everyone else there. Be aware that despite the tiredness of everyone on board, the limousine’s driver knows exactly where to drop them off.


Choosing a limousine service for your prom is one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to making the night memorable for years to come. Light House Party Bus Limo can help you with this choice. On prom night, you can count on our beautiful limousines and party buses to provide all of your transportation requirements. It is our responsibility to see to it that you have an enjoyable and risk-free stay here.