A Guide To Know About AHCCCS Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment


These days, many rehab centers are providing outpatient and inpatient treatment programs for substance abuse. These programs can assist to give a new start to learn behavior and make life better. Also, they help to maintain healthy relationships with others. These treatment programs will assist in various conditions, such as:

  • People who tried substance abuse treatment programs earlier
  • Lack of motivation to overcome the addiction to alcohol and drugs
  • Require healthy environment
  • Experiencing severe symptoms
  • Suffering from serious issues associated with family, law, work, and school
  • Struggling with other health issues like a psychiatric disorder
  • Inability to develop a proper and healthy routine

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How does AHCCCS help people with addiction?

AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System) offers behavioral health services to people who take substances such as heroin, alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, and others currently or in the last year. These services include childcare, transportation, and others. The following people can apply for the approval of AHCCCS to get substance abuse treatment:

  • People who have health insurance, bit doesn’t cover the treatment
  • People who don’t have health insurance
  • People who wait for the approval of Medicaid benefits
  • People who used drugs before incarceration or during incarcerated

Also, they provide funds for

  • Teenagers or pregnant women who take drugs through injection
  • Teenagers or pregnant women who take substances
  • Teenagers or women who have dependent families and children
  • People with drug use disorder

Choose a rehab that provides the treatment as well as the best payment options, and consult today to repair your relationships and start a new life with your loved one.