How Do You Manage Your Online Shop Registrations?


It would help if you started using an online shop registration system to help manage your customers and orders. Online Shop Registration ( จดทะเบียนทะเบียนร้านค้าออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai) systems are a great way to keep track of customer data, manage orders, and keep your shop running smoothly. They also make adding new products and orders simple for customers to find and purchase the desired items.

The Below Process Can Help You In Managing Online Shop Registrations.

Online marketplace identification, or e-commerce enrollment, is essential in proving the store’s legitimacy. Details about the store are published in the Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce, which also helps clients trust and believe in it.

Make Sure To Double-Check Everything.

Online retailers offering the following goods or services must register for electronic commerce.

  • Across the web and social media, they traded commodities or services.
  • Provider of internet services.
  • Rental of hosting computer space.
  • Prepare your documents.

Create Paperwork

Thoroughly prepare all necessary paperwork. Taking fast responses will be beneficial for Online Shop Registration. It runs more smoothly and demands that documents be used appropriately for the sort of individual. You should follow the following instructions while creating both personal and legal papers.

For companies with two or even more owners or investors that possess stock in a combination or corporation. That must prepare the following legal entity-specific documents:

  • A photocopy of the startup’s identification card and a confirmation of the house registration Form T.P.
  • An application for business registration and the necessary paperwork for an e-commerce license.
  • That should print your internet store’s official website. Items or services, purchasing procedures, payment options, and shipping methods
  • Make a map showing the business’s exact location.
  • Certificate of Agreement or Business Registration
  • Include a Legal Power of Attorney with a service stamp and a photocopy of the attorney’s identification card in the event of authorization.

Inspect The Service Officially.

The next step after completing the preparation of various documents is to verify that the service point has been registered for electronic commerce. Services for incorporating internet stores are widely available. The following regions, both in the city and elsewhere Able, can apply to business registrations to the Fiscal Policy Office, Town Hall, which covers all districts and the Administrative Offices of the districts, depending on where the business is located.


If you’re still trying to keep track of everything manually, we suggest you try a reliable online shop registration system. It will make your life so much easier and help you manage your business and customers in the best way possible. High-quality shop registration systems are also equipped with valuable features like customer management and product customization options, making them perfect for managing an online store seamlessly.