Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone Because Discomfort Is Good


If you want to grow in life step out of your comfort zone. I agree, it may not be easy but it is worth experiencing. Test yourself by taking the risk. It feels awesome. You will discover your capabilities which you have remained unaware of.

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Comfortable life – an empty vessel

A routine life looks smooth but it is wrapped in a strange hollowness. A new situation allows you to explore your potentials. I agree it involves too much physical and mental stress but the result is rewarding. Life in a discomfort zone shuns the boredom or stagnation of life. You might feel stuck at some point in time. But you cannot disagree with the fact that change is the only constant thing. To reach higher levels physical, emotional, and intellectual development is extremely needed. A life dipped in comfort and luxuries will restrict your expansion. A deep discontent will cloud your life.

Emotionally Resilient

Life is full of ups and downs. You should be emotionally resilient to handle all circumstances. A challenge looks scary like a beast. Sometimes you have to undergo a tough ordeal, but it can transform you into a better person from all aspects. Running away from the problems is never a solution. You need to face it to put an end to it. Similarly, difficulties bring growth as sweet results.

The secret ingredient to success

A secret ingredient to success is adapting all that scares you. The more you will feel dissatisfied the more you will try your limits to get out of it and finally you will end up reaching an unbelievable destination. Don’t fall prey to luck. Everything is in your hand. Alter it, modify it, crush it, and see the miracle. A magnificent life is not restricted to eating and hoarding. Be humble and high-spirited and continue seeking discomfort.

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See the unseen

A comfortable journey bars you from seeing the unseen. You get deprived of an adventurous life. Coming into a discomfort zone doesn’t mean hurting or torturing yourself. It is a pursuit of trying something out of the box. You might feel why to take a chance. But here you are miserably wrong. Only hard experiences make you robust to withstand unexpected adversities. If an external force pushes you into a problem you might fall apart but when you deliberately extend your horizon you achieve incomparable growth.