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Exposure to positive representations of aging results in improved physical function in seniors, according to a new subliminals study.

Benefits of Subliminal Messages

The researchers of this new study, published in the journal Psychological Science, had previously demonstrated that negative age-related stereotypes can have a weakening effect on physical functioning in older adults.

However, this new study shows that exposure to positive stereotypes improves physical function. To see if this positive exposure could successfully mitigate the effects of negative stereotypes, the team of researchers from Yale University developed a unique intervention method.

The researchers recruited 100 seniors with an average age of 81. Sitting in front of a computer screen, a random selection of participants were exposed to words that flashed across the screen at a speed too fast to be consciously detected.

These words were positive subliminal messages, such as “liveliness” or “creativity”. Researchers report that people who were exposed to these subliminal messages displayed a variety of improvements in their physical and psychological outcomes.

For example, these participants had a better physical balance, which lasted for 3 weeks after the intervention. Participants exposed to these positive messages also reported stronger self-perceptions regarding old age.

The challenge they had in this study was to enable participants to overcome negative stereotypes of age that they acquire in society, such as in everyday conversations or in television comedies. Professional concludes that the intervention produced cascading effects. First, positive age stereotypes were reinforced, resulting in a positive self-perception that was subsequently improved in physical function.

Positive versus Negative Subliminal Messages

Unlike this new study, previous research conducted at University College London (UCL) found that subliminal messages were more effective when the message was negative. The UCL researchers, like those at Yale, had displayed words on a computer screen at almost undetectable speed. However, among the positive words such as “joyful”, “flower” or “peace”, there were also negative words such as “anguish”, “despair” or “murder”.

Participants were asked to decide whether the words were neutral or emotional, and to rate how confident they were in their decision. Researchers reported that participants responded more accurately regarding negative words.

Negative words can have a faster impact.

Clearly, there are evolutionary benefits to responding quickly to emotional information. We can’t wait for a response from our conscience to drive away a negative aspect if we see someone running with a knife or if we’re driving in the rain and see a ‘Danger’ sign.

This is how subliminal messages are transmitted. In fact, they’re being utilised in a lot of ads right now, and it’s working very well. Mental toughness training is a must if you want to understand how to apply this notion to your own business, as it clearly does for marketers. Subliminal messages are used to help alter a person’s belief system, changing negative beliefs into positive beliefs.

These messages go directly to the subconscious instead of going through the conscious first. These messages are based on the principles of NLP and send positive affirmations to the mind, so they aim to empower or motivate a person to achieve certain results. Let me give you a few examples.

It is known that subliminal messages are used to help people lose weight through forms like hypnosis. A person will find it difficult to lose weight if they crave certain foods. However, thanks to subliminal messages, the person can get rid of these cravings and thus lose weight effectively.

The brain is a powerful tool, but few people use their full potential. This is where mind power training comes in handy. If you can source some really powerful text, audio, or visual content that contains positive affirmations, you could go from zero to hero. In fact, people have used this concept to attract wealth. It is recommended that you only expose yourself to empowering and motivational content because most of the time they contain subliminal messages.