Addiction and Recovery: Support of Family and Pals


Addiction recovery unfortunately is not simple. If you require expert assistance from a certified drug counselor or therapist, it is not a sign of weakness. Most persons who attempt to overcome a drug or alcohol issue need a treatment program or professional support.

Some Recovery Advice

Try these suggestions to make the road to recovery less difficult if you begin a treatment program:

  • Inform your friends of your desire to abstain from drug use. Genuine friends will honor your choice and stay by you throughout your journey. You might need to stay away from some of your pals as well.
  • Request that your loved ones be accessible to you at all times. You might need to make a late-night call to someone just to talk. Embrace the support your family and friends provide if you’re going through a difficult time rather than trying to handle what happens if you overdose.
  • Only accept invites to activities you are certain won’t involve drugs or alcohol. It’s generally okay to go to the movies, but you might want to postpone that Friday night party until you feel more secure. Create drug-free activities in your schedule. Visit the movies, give bowling a shot, or enroll in an art class with a pal.
  • Have a strategy for what you’ll do if you end up in a location where there are drugs or alcohol. There will occasionally be temptation. You’ll be fine if you have a plan for how you’re going to manage it.
  • Talk to an adult as soon as you can if you start to revert to your previous behaviors. There is nothing to be ashamed about, but you must seek assistance from the right ones to prevent losing all the effort you have put into your recovery.